About Us

Who we are? And What We Do?

SikhGuru.in is a website about SIKH religion. We at SikhGuru.in cover all the history about Our 10 Sikh Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib Ji and we share Gurbani , Kirtan, Katha Videos.

When did we start?

The website was launched on 2012.

Wish to join this team?

Do you wish to join Team SikhGuru.in? We welcome all Punjabi Enthusiasts who wish to write about Sikh History. But please note that the website is not this financially strong that it can pay for your writings. At this moment, we can just give you the credit of your work. If you wish to volunteer, please write to us at sikhguru12@gmail.com with your details and your interests in writing.

Are we Unique?

Yes, we are. We are the only Website of Sikhism which offers Shabad, Gurani, Kirtan , Katha Videos and all the History of Our 10 Gurus.